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BPSC Syllabus

BPSC Prelims Syllabus

BPSC Syllabus Prelims
BPSC syllabus General Studies
  • Events of National and international importance
  • General Science
  • Geography of India and Geography of Bihar
  • General geography and geographical division of Bihar and its main river systems
  • History of Bihar and Indian History
  • Indian Polity (Questions will assess knowledge of the political system, community development, Panchayati raj, and planning in India and Bihar)
  • Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence
  • Indian Polity and Economy (Indian Political System, Community Development, Panchayati Raj, and Planning in India and Bihar)
  • General Mental Ability
  • Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar (Question about the nature and character of the 19th-century resurgence, nationalism growth, and Independence attaintment with special emphasis on Bihar)

BPSC Mains Syllabus 

BPSC Syllabus Mains Exam
General HindiEssay (निबंध)


Grammar (व्याकरण)

Syntax (वाक्य विन्यास)

Summarisation (संक्षेपण)

General Studies Paper 1Indian Culture


The Modern History of India

Current International and National Events of Importance

Statistical Analysis, Diagrams, and Graphs

General Studies Paper 2Indian Polity


Indian Economy and Geography of India

Role and Impact of Science and Technology in the Development of India

EssayMoral and Philosophical Essay


Hypothetical Essay

Essay related to Social, Economic, Political, Religious, and Administrative Issues

Essay related to self-reliant India and Digital India

Essay related to problems, solutions, and possibilities of Bihar

Essay related to popular proverbs and sayings of Bihar, etc.

Optional PaperEnglish Language and Literature


Urdu Language and Literature

Hindi Language and Literature

Persian Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Pali Language and Literature

Maithili Language and Literature

Bengali Language and Literature

Sanskrit Language and Literature









Political Science and International Relations


Public Administration

Labor and Social Welfare



Mechanical Engineering





Civil Engineering


Commerce and Accountancy

Electrical Engineering

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science


BPSC Interview

Those who pass the BPSC Main Examination will be invited to an “Interview” round. A board appointed by the Commission interviews each candidate. The main subjects covered by the interviewer are listed below.

  • A board that has a record of the applicant’s career and interests from their application form will interview that person.
  • The goal of the interview is for a board of competent and unbiased observers to assess the candidate’s fitness for a career in state services.
  • Candidates should know about current events both inside and outside of their state, as well as their academic studies, for personality interviews.
  • An interview is an intentional discussion designed to learn more about a candidate’s mental attributes and analytical skills.

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