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Jiwan Behatar Banane main Sushasan ka Yogdan

Jiwan Behatar Banane main Sushasan ka Yogdan


At present, government processes are being transformed into a new design and single window culture, focusing on citizens. Although there may be different views among the common people regarding good governance, good governance is a people-promoted concept which makes governance more open, transparent and accountable. This is so that the governments remain like an open book in socio-economic upliftment and provide development to the people of the country wholeheartedly. The importance of human rights, participatory development and democratization fall within the boundaries of good governance. Amidst all this, the year 2023 has reached its final stage with many ups and downs. This year has been witness to many major events and arrangements between January and December. Where major changes can be seen in various contexts including the Women’s Reservation Act and the Indian Penal Code. Not only this, the example of suspending hundreds of opposition MPs was also seen perhaps for the first time in the history of democracy in 2023. At present, due to the law enacted in the year 2023, 33 percent women will be seen in the Parliament in the coming year, while the old law books will be seen with new provisions in some cases. All the references related to public interest including e-governance, e-petition and e-facility, filled with the conventions of good governance, have been filled in comparative detail in the year 2023. The year 2023 has been filled with a smooth balance of work done at the national and international level and it can be expected that 2024 will achieve even greater heights. The consecration of Ayodhya Ram temple in January 2024 will be visible to all as a historical glory story.
The policies of the think tank Niti Aayog and all the promises and intentions of the government including the talk of taking the economy to sky-high heights by the year 2047 can also be seen in the year 2023. The 18th Lok Sabha is to be constituted in April-May of the year 2024. If seen, the acts of 2023 will remain effective in the 2024 elections. From wholesale price index to retail index, the challenge to earnings remained this year also. Due to inflation, life seems to remain the same even in the year 2023. However, the hope is that in view of the election situation, the government may reduce the prices of petrol and diesel. The government has already given a comprehensive relief in the matter of LPG. To some extent, positive views have been coming from the Reserve Bank of India on many topics including bank rates. But due to weak earnings, the common man is still proving to be weak in the matter of repaying the loan. A big and beautiful achievement of India in the year 2023 has been the G-20 conference. Where a gathering of all the countries of the world was seen. Not only this, India’s strength also seemed to be increasing due to this conference. While many countries of the world are stuck in turmoil. From the point of view of good governance, India’s activism in 2023 does not appear to be any less but it also does not appear to be very strong. It is noteworthy that while India is improving in the innovation index, the hunger index has disappointed. India-China border disputes remain the same even in the year 2023, while problems on the Pakistan border continue to emerge from time to time. If seen, from the point of view of inclusive development, the year 2023 did not live up to what was thought in 2022.
   Judging by the reactions of good governance, the year 2023 does not look as perfect as it should be in practice. For the last few years, efforts have been made to boost the economy and efforts are underway to increase its size. It is worth noting that India appears to have a large structure in terms of foreign exchange reserves, but due to being burdened with debt, some weakness is also evident. The budget on education and medicine still does not look good in proportion to the problem and the year 2023 also seems to be far away from a major effort in removing unemployment. Although there are expectations for better things in every new year, it is natural to have expectations from 2024 onwards for inclusive development and transformation of people’s life into a better life. The process of distributing five kg grains to 80 crore people, including the Samman Nidhi given to farmers, continues to provide relief in 2023 also. At present, the youth who are waiting for a government job are hopeful that the year 2024 will be better for them. If seen, due to policy shortcomings and weak steps, the sensitivity of good governance is also affected. Investigations show that the growth rate for the year 2023 was less than expected. However, with the growth rate in double digits, India’s condition can improve very fast. At present, the year 2023 has been positive in terms of an economy of four trillion dollars and it is expected that it will become 5 trillion dollars in future. And the dream of 30 trillion dollars by 2047 which was seen in 2023 will also be fulfilled.
The recent references of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank can be said to be somewhat bitter and sweet in the case of India. The fiscal and budgetary deficit still appears to be relatively low. Globalization of governance has been done and investment is also being encouraged. But a lot of expectations were placed on Make in India including Startup and Standup India, but due to the structural deficiencies prevalent in the country’s bureaucracy, hidden apathy in implementation and lack of complete control on the inherent corruption, the matter proved to be good to a great extent and in many cases it proved to be only on paper. Is. Of course, the country’s power may have gone out of its old design, but fulfillment of claims and promises is still a long way off. It is correct to say that the era of digital governance has increased. It is also being operated in India as a system of new public management, but the value of good governance will increase only when the public gets the direct benefits of the government’s planning and subsequent implementation.Take. The matter is not limited to this only, from illiteracy to health problems, there are many problems here which are teasing the good governance. Time and opportunity say that expectations should be given from the government but trust should be given only when the promises have been kept. Good governance is not a mantra but the truth is that it is a key in the government system which improves the health not only of the government but also of the people.

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