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HPSC HCS Syllabus

HPSC HCS Prelims Syllabus


HPSC HCS Paper 1: General Studies

Candidates can go through the HPSC HCS Paper 1 syllabus from the below table:- 

Paper- I: General Studies

1. General Science
2. Current events of national and international importance
3. History of India and Indian National Movement
4. Indian and World Geography
5. Indian Culture, Indian Polity, and Indian Economy
6. General Mental Ability
7. Haryana-Economy and people. Social, economic, and Cultural Institutions and Language of Haryana


CSAT is meant as a qualifying paper, with the marks gained not contributing to the final ranking. However, in order to be eligible for subsequent consideration, candidates must receive at least 33% in this paper. For the candidate’s information, the HPSC HCS Paper-II curriculum is listed below.


  1. Comprehension
  1. Interpersonal skills, including communication skills
  1. Logical reasoning and analytical ability
  1. Decision-making and problem-solving
  1. General mental ability
  1. Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, order of magnitude, etc.-Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency, etc. – Class X-level)

HPSC HCS Mains Syllabus


HPSC HCS Paper 1 English and English Essay

The purpose of this paper is to assess the candidate’s ability to comprehend and interpret lengthy discursive writing as well as their ability to accurately and effectively express themselves in English. This section’s questions are structured in a broad manner and cover a range of topics.

HPSC HCS Paper 1 English and English Essay
HPSC HCS English Paper
Precis WritingAssessing the ability to create concise summaries of given passages.
Comprehension of given passagesEvaluating the skill to understand and interpret information presented in provided texts.
EssayCandidates are required to write an essay on a specific topic from the given choices. They should align with the subject, present structured ideas, and ensure concise expression.
Usage and VocabularyTesting proficiency in the use of language, including appropriate word choice and understanding of vocabulary.
General Grammar/CompositionAssessing overall knowledge of grammar rules and composition principles.

HPSC HCS English Essay Paper

Essay (Additional Information)This is a separate essay-writing task where candidates express their ideas in line with the chosen topic, emphasizing structured organization and concise presentation.

HPSC HCS Paper 2 Hindi and Hindi Essay in Devanagari Script

Candidates can go through the Hindi and Hindi Essay in Devanagari Script syllabus from the below table:-

HPSC HCS Paper 2 Hindi and Hindi Essay in Devanagari Script

Translation of an English passage into HindiAnalysing one’s capacity to translate a paragraph from English into Hindi accurately.
Letter/Precis writingEvaluating writing skills in the form of letters and summaries, with a focus on clarity and briefness.
Explanation of Hindi passage (prose and poetry)Examining comprehension and interpretative skills by discussing pieces written in Hindi, including prose and poetry.
Composition (idioms, correction, etc.)Evaluating writing skills, with an emphasis on idiom usage, editing methods, and other compositional components.
Essay (The choice of subjects will be given)Candidates are required to write an essay on a given topic, allowing them to choose from the provided subjects. The emphasis is on thoughtful expression and alignment with the chosen topic.

HPSC HCS Paper 3 General Studies

The questions in these papers are designed to be accessible to well-educated individuals without requiring specialized study. They aim to test the candidate’s general awareness across a range of subjects relevant to a career in Civil Services. The focus is on evaluating a candidate’s broad understanding rather than requiring specific expertise in any particular field.

HPSC HCS Paper 3 General Studies Part 1

Candidates can go through Paper 1 of General Studies from the below table:- 

HPSC HCS Paper 3 General Studies Part 1
History of Modern India and Indian Culture
  • Important personalities in the freedom movement and social reforms. 
  •  Indian Culture: Ancient to modern times.
Geography of India
  • Physical, economic, and social geography of India.
Indian Polity
  • Constitution of India. 
  • Political system and related matters.
Current National Issues and Topics of Social Relevance
  • Demography and Human Resources: Understanding population dynamics and workforce-related matters.
  • Behavioral and Social Issues: Addressing social problems and welfare issues such as child labor, gender equality, adult literacy, rehabilitation of the handicapped, and other marginalized segments. It also includes concerns like drug abuse and public health.
  • Law Enforcement Issues: Examining matters related to the legal system, human rights, and corruption in public life.
  • Communal Harmony: Assessing knowledge about maintaining harmony among different communities.
  • Internal Security: Evaluating awareness of internal security challenges and related issues.
  • Environmental Issues: Focusing on ecological concerns, including preservation, conservation of natural resources, and safeguarding national heritage.
  • Role of National Institutions: Understanding the significance and need for change in national institutions.

HPSC HCS Paper 3 General Studies Part 2

Aspects of India and the world are covered in Part II of the HPSC HCS course, which assesses applicants’ knowledge in several areas. Here is the information presented in a revised and concise format:

HPSC HCS Paper 3 General Studies Part 2
India and the World
Foreign Affairs and External Security:Evaluation of India’s diplomatic relations and External Security Concerns.
Nuclear Policy:Understanding India’s stance and policies regarding nuclear issues.
Indian Abroad:Awareness of India’s interactions and engagements with its diaspora worldwide.

Indian Economy

Planning and Economic Development:Questions related to India’s economic planning, developmental initiatives, and policies.
Economic and Trade Issues:Examination of economic challenges, trade-related matters, and their impact on India.
Foreign Trade:Understanding the dynamics of India’s foreign trade, import-export trends, and challenges.
Role and Functions of I.M.F., World Bank, W.T.O., etc.:Familiarity with the roles and functions of global financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F.), World Bank, and World Trade Organization (W.T.O.).

International Affairs and Institutions

Important Events in World Affairs:Knowledge of significant global events and their implications.
International Institutions:Understanding the functions and roles of key international organizations.

Developments in the Field of Science and Technology, Communications, and Space

Science and Technology:Awareness of recent advancements and developments in science and technology.
Communications:Understanding innovations and changes in communication technologies.
Space:Knowledge of recent developments in space exploration and technology.

Statistical Analysis, Graphs, and Diagrams

Data Analysis Exercises:Testing the ability to interpret data presented in statistical, graphical, or diagrammatical form.
Drawing Conclusions:Assessing the candidate’s capability to draw sensible conclusions.
Identifying Deficiencies and Limitations:Evaluating the ability to recognize shortcomings or inconsistencies in presented information.

HPSC HCS Optional Syllabus 2024

As applicants fill out the HPSC HCS Application Form 2024, they are required to select a single optional subject from the provided list of 29 subjects. It’s important to emphasize that once the HPSC HCS Application Form 2024 is submitted, no alterations can be made to the chosen optional subject. The subsequent section outlines the existing optional subjects available for selection.

HPSC HCS Optional Syllabus 2024

GeographyEnglish Literature
Commerce and AccountancyHindi Literature (in Devanagari Script)
AgriculturePublic Administration
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary ScienceLaw
Electrical EngineeringPhysics
Civil EngineeringSanskrit Literature
Mechanical EngineeringPunjabi Literature

HPSC HCS Interview

Candidates who obtain marks equal to or higher than the HCS cut-off will be qualified to take the HPSC’s personality test/interview. Candidates must score at least 45% overall on all major written question papers, with at least 33% in both Hindi and English, in order to be eligible for the HCS interview. The HPSC will conduct the personality test for a number of candidates three times the total vacancies announced for the HCS examination.

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